ROS 2 Consulting

ROS 2 (Robot Operating System 2) is a new version of popular robotics middleware. It is a set of open source software components, libraries and tools helping robot developers build robot applications with less effort. ROS 2 has a messaging system, simulators, vizualizers and common software components needed in robot development.

Speed up your robot software development with ROS 2!

Safety critical, industrial grade

State-of-the-art robotic applications

ROS 2 is designed to meet industry grade safety and real-time requirements. It offers a standard software platform to robot developers across industries.

With ROS 2 you can develop state-of-the-art robotic applications without starting from scratch. It provides essential tools you need for building a modular robotic software; for example messaging system between robot nodes (like sensors, actuators and control modules) and most commonly used algorithms in navigation, localization and object detection. 

designed for production

ROS 2 benefits

Atostek is the right partner for Robot Software Development!

Atostek has worked continuously with robot software development for more than a decade. Due to long experience we know the best practises in robot software development.

Atostek has worked both with existing robot software platforms and also developed a new robot software platform from scratch.

We know how to develop safety-critical, industrial grade robot software.

We know the tips and tricks of robot software deployment to complex production environments.

Our ROS 2 consulting services include:

ROS 2 Software development
Consulting, roadmapping, assistance in deployment
Proof-of-concept and demo applications

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ROS 2 Consulting 

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